World’s Largest Artwork

The World’s largest artwork – a somewhat intriguing premise for even the least artistic of people wouldn’t you agree?  I mean, how big could it actually be?

Well, prepare to be open mouthed at this nine square mile creation!

As with many artistic installations it is the final product that gets shown off, but because of how fragile nature can be, this is all about documenting the process followed by a fleeting moment of the final artefact as the wind and snows sets it.

Eight people and a broom led onward into Siberia by Jim Denevan created this somewhat temporary masterpiece on Lake Baikal, the world’s largest lake.  How apt.  Even more appropriate is leader Jim Denevan (who created the previous world’s largest artwork in the Sahara), is known for creating expansive and repeating patterns over endless scale.

Given the ferocious Siberian winds it’s a marvel the artwork survived in the tundra for as long as it did, making the photography and documentation of this work even more important than usual.

Living in a yurt in the centre of the lake the team survived by creating a daily fire (as the flames would periodically freeze), eventually giving up when ever so slightly warmer temperatures arrived and the circles melted away.

The complete experience has been documented in its entirety on The Anthropologist so do check it out.

Gary Hartley

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