W3schools.com Historical Browser Statistics: Visualised

Viewing historical browser market share statistics the old fashioned way is a pretty dull task. There’s nothing less inspiring than sitting staring at a table of data that visually tells you nothing. On the flip side we all like a good pie chart right? All those colourful segments that kind of look like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, indicating immediately the impact of the resulting data in a visual form.

Historical browser statistics

Current browser share statistics is something I reference from time to time and I use W3schools.com as a primary source for this data. A tool I recently discovered from Axis shows the historical browser statistics from W3schools.com in a custom visualisation. It tracks back to January 2002 and includes historic deprecated browsers such as IE4.


A cool online tool for viewing historical browser market share statistics. Witness the demice of Internet Explorers dominant control of the market with this intelligent custom visualisation. Let us know what you think of the tool and the market share as a whole.

Gary Hartley

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