Tweasier, The New Twitter Tool

Tweasier, the brand new Twitter management tool, went into open beta while I was on holiday. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this application (created by PR and social media guru Chris Norton), so I thought I’d join up see just what Tweasier offers.

Tweasier Twitter management tool

Now, I’m not new to Twitter applications. I’ve used various desktop and iphone clients and I normally change them every so often because I need some functionality they just don’t offer. One of the big things for me is being able to sort people I follow into different groups so they’re easier to manage. Tweasier has loads of pre-set groups so this is easy. In fact, the whole aim of Tweasier seems to be to make things easy. The interface is really clean and tidy, and all your information is laid out at a glance.

There’s a Twitter client just like you’d expect, so you can tweet from within the application. You can search for users based on whatever criteria you like, and your searches are saved so you don’t have to perform them again – this is really cool and helps you find new people without really having to look. One thing I really like is the ability to see conversations between users, so there’s no more trawling through profiles to find out who said what to whom.

So it’s slick and useable – so far so good. Where Tweasier actually stands out for me is the analytics package. There are built in analytics that tell you pretty neat things like who your most influential friends and followers are (great if you want to get into a conversation but you’re not sure where to direct your attention). Okay, so ordinary people might not care so much about statistics, but imagine you’re a business and you need to report on these things. I think the future of the app is with businesses and agencies – people who literally “manage” Twitter accounts and need to report on them.

So far, Tweasier is just in beta and improvements are still being made, but a Pro version looks like it will be available soon. This will probably include things like more elaborate reports and be aimed at agencies. At the moment the cost looks to be under £10 a month, and for those kinds of reports I think it’s well worth it.

Walk through video

Tweasier – The Walk through video from Tweasier on Vimeo.

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