Time to find a bigger Fishpond

Quick client overview: Fishpond.ie is Ireland’s definitive casting resource that connects budding and experienced actors with casting opportunities in TV, film and stage roles.


Recently, well towards the end of 2015, I was contacted by a client who was looking to relaunch their website and required an experienced UI/UX designer to work alongside their existing development company to complete the project.

A strange first encounter

Having opened discussions with the client and chatting through how I would be best utilised, I ended by asking the client how she found me, especially being UK based. The answer surprised me. Usually, when I get an enquiry off a new client, they contact me after being referred by an existing client. This time however was different as they found me after doing a Google image search. It turns out they were looking for an old stock illustration they had used previously and an image search lead them to this website. What started as a “Can you help us find the original source of this image” turned into a large redesign project for the company. After 15 years in the industry, with 5 years of that as a full time freelancer, this has to have been the strangest new business enquiry I’ve ever had.

The project

Fishpond required a complete overhaul of the website. I was commissioned to work alongside their existing web development company to produce the designs and responsive frontend templates. The project duration was around 3 months alongside other projects and the handover completed late 2015.

The new site is yet to relaunch, but here is a taster of what is coming up…

Fishpond design work

Fishpond - homepage design
Fishpond - actors banner design
Fishpond - casting banner design
Fishpond - young fishpond banner design

Mobile design

Fishpond - mobile design

Mobile menu

Fishpond - mobile menu design

Gary Hartley

Gary Hartley is The Floating Frog. A seasoned freelance web designer with skills in UI/UX, CRO design, WordPress, branding, PSD-HTML conversions and more. Got a project you need to start or take to the next level? Please, get in touch!