The W3C evolves and a new site is born

Great so it seems (World Wide Web Consortium or W3C) have finally redesigned their website. Now for those that have never heard of the W3C they are basically an international community that work together to sustain and develop web standards. It’s fitting then that this redesign hasn’t deviated too far away from their old design, adopting instead for an evolution of the old design rather than a complete redesign.

W3C describes their new site as follows:

The new site features a harmonized design, simplified information architecture, new style for technical reports, and new content, including calendars and aggregated blogs.

Using their own markup validation tool it seems the developers have done a good job, no errors were found and the site passed XHTML 1.0 Strict! as you’d expect. Design wise I like it, a simple update to the design and architecture has brought it up-to-date. Nothing fancy but I think it’s ticked all the right boxes.

One feature i do like is the ‘views’, where you can switch between desktop, mobile and print view.

So a quick post about the W3C and their sympathetic evolution of their site, let us know what you think.

Gary Hartley

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