The Global Credit Crunch – it’s not all bad news

Ok so the Credit Crunch will throw the financial sector into turmoil for the next few years but lets look at some positives that have come out of this.

I’ll start things of:

1) My mortgage is cheaper (interest rates have gone down)

2) House prices have gone down – this is fine even for home owners like me. I may have to sell low but I also can buy low too, only there will be more first time buyers on the market, good news for the housing market.

3) Petrol Prices – I’m now paying 25p a litre less than I was 2 months ago.

4) Gas & Electric – going down hopefully soon.

Ignore the negatives for now, what good has this Global Credit Crunch thrown your way?

Budgeting for Christmas

Retailers will be hard hit this year thanks to the Credit Crunch as consumers, you and I, tighten our purses in the lead up to the big man’s big day. I myself have set strict budgets this Christmas so I now how much I’m willing to spend and who’ll get what.

Moneysavingexpert have a very useful free automated budget planner that you can use to organise your finances.

Gary Hartley

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