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  • The (completely made up) iPad Review

    The embargo is over and I can finally announce that I have not had an iPad to play with or review for the past week (not like that Andy Ihnatko fellow). Yes, I signed an embargo to not say that I didn’t have an iPad before the release. I’m terrible about contracts (I have 8… Read more »

  • How I Can Justify Buying an iPad

    When I talk to people about getting the iPad, it’s pretty common for them to dismiss my enthusiasm for fanboyism (a word that gives me a headache, just trying to spell it “correctly”). I see this little device as the thing that will make certain tasks easier, and maybe even get me into old habits again. So, while I patiently wait, I’d like to share what makes me excited about the iPad:

  • Introducing iBap for iPad: Jeans with a big ass pocket

    The boys and girls over at have created a concept pair of jeans with a big ass pocket at the back designed to hold your iPad. iGotaBigAssPocket Concept At this time it’s simply a concept with an amusing message, focusing on a product created by a company whom we respect to the utmost. We… Read more »

  • Apple iPad vs Amazon Kindle

    Amazon has release a Kindle iPhone app that allows users to read their Kindle books on their hand held device. The app is free to download from the Apple app store and connects iPhone and iPod users with over 400,000 Kindle books. Now with the announcement of the new Apple iPad, launching later in the… Read more »