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  • Goldie Lookin’ Chain Top Trumps – Wicked innit!

    Goldie Lookin’ Chain, the legends behind the legendary “Guns don’t kill people rappers do” have created possibly the best/besteva/bestestever Trumps card game set. Simply click on any thumbnail to see a full size, uncropped enlargement. Even better, why not download the set and play Trumps with your nan, wickaaaard! Best Trumps set eva innit!

  • Too much Tango made me think I was a Ninja but I’m not. I’m just Gary.

    Tango, the orange flavoured fizzy drink from Britvic PLC, has launched a new advertising campaign that really caught my eye. While passing a bus stop the poster on the side read “Too much Tango made me think I was a Ninja but I’m not. I’m just Gary.”. I laughed, cos I’m immature you see. British… Read more »

  • Ever had a Dicken’s Cider?

    This has the DNA of the Doctor Pepper adverts, with that underlying, uncomfortable humor that had me rolling around on the floor at work for 10 minutes straight. If you’re easily offended, turn away, if not you may also like this Durex Viral video…. roll tape!

  • No way is this going to work!

    Here’s the challenge, the image of the frog on the right isn’t coloured in. The trick here is to use the Magenta shape on the left to colour the frog in, only, we need the frog to appear GREEN! Here’s what you need to do: Stare at the Magenta shape on the left for 60… Read more »

  • Origami Santa Claus!

    Amaze your colleagues by making a Christmas Santa Claus from a piece of paper hanging around the office. Simply follow along with this video and become the resident origami master.

  • GAME: Word Association

    You know how this goes! Cow… Bells… Ring… Tone …and so on, and so on! Let’s start with ….. FROG!

  • Name the previous 43 U.S. PRESIDENTS before Barack Obama – then colour them in!

    In this historic week which saw the first black candidate, Barack Obama, become elected as U.S. President, we look back at the previous 43 that have held the Whitehouse. To make it fun we’ll do a countdown, starting with the current U.S. President George W. Bush accompanied by a brief history. The fun and overwhelming… Read more »