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  • How I Can Justify Buying an iPad

    When I talk to people about getting the iPad, it’s pretty common for them to dismiss my enthusiasm for fanboyism (a word that gives me a headache, just trying to spell it “correctly”). I see this little device as the thing that will make certain tasks easier, and maybe even get me into old habits again. So, while I patiently wait, I’d like to share what makes me excited about the iPad:

  • A Decade in Design: 2000 to 2009

    In just a matter of days our glasses will be full of cheap Brut Cava, the countdown to midnight will begin and we’ll drunkenly sing along to Old Lang Syne as we welcome in a new year, a new decade and the start of 2010. Looking back 10 years I regale my girlfriend to where… Read more »

  • More awesome t-shirt designs from

    Aled Lewis is a designer and illustrator based in London, England. He has created an awesome collection of illustrations that you can buy on t-shirts at Not As Far As You Think Television Made Me Do It Identifying Flying Objects Freaks In The Fun House Eating Brains, Throwing Shapes Foam Monster In Emotional Reunion… Read more »

  • New Photoshop Interface Revealed

    Adobe revealed their new ‘traditionally themed’ Photoshop interface this week at their annual AdobeExpo. The drastic redesign has come after months of highly publicised campaigning by angry Anti-Adobe protesters who state that their current interface is “harming our planet”, and “is turning our young generation into mindless web2.0 obsessed vombies”. A spokesman from Adobe said… Read more »

  • Frog gives piggy yet another outfit for her blog is the blog of my girlfriend Zoe who works in online marketing and SEO. A few months ago I set her up a quick WordPress blog to start blogging on, with a simple design and limited features. I felt that I was getting more proficient at building and tweak WordPress themes so I decided… Read more »

  • Basic design principles explained

    I work in the web design industry and I’m amazed every single day by the lack on knowledge, respect and understanding of the basic design principles that I take for granted. I trained for 4 years in Graphic Design by some of the best, or more accurately traditional, designers in the business where I had… Read more »