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A successful launch for Rob Blake Associates

Quick client summary: Rob Blake Associates are experts in building scalable and highly-available web applications on AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Previous successes

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of working with two local entrepreneurs who were working on software that had the potential to significantly disrupt and change the sector it was being developed for. Fast forward to today and that business was successfully sold, giving the pair the exit they planned and another success story I had the pleasure to witness and in parts contribute on.

A new challenge

Following that success, Rob Blake (one of the original founders) launched a new business that aimed to offer web applications on AWS to their business clientele. I was commissioned to design and build a modern, mobile-friendly website that would be used as a primary marketing tool for the company.

The website focused around their 4-step process which included stages for ‘Design’, ‘Build’, ‘Implement’ and ‘Launch’, leading the visitors through each stage and leaving them informed and ready to enquire.

Selling AWS services can be very technical and hard to put across simply so in order to simplify matters, illustrations were used throughout the process that visually demonstrated each stage.

Launching web apps is like launching a rocket (in metaphor terms at least), so I created a theme around the construction and eventual launch of a rocket to show what RBA was all about. The aim was to not alienate non-techie customers and also show some personality through the designs and the tone of the editorial.

Each section has it’s own illustration, with all the pieces of the rocket coming together at the end.

Custom WordPress theme

The website was built from the ground up on the WordPress CMS and including some powerful features such as a drag-and-drop page builder.

Rob Blake launches

The project took in the region of 4 weeks to complete, all the way from the initial scoping stage, designs, HTML5/CSS conversion, WordPress integration and final deployment.

Here are a few designs from the project. Please also visit the live website to see it all in situ.

Homepage design

Rob Blake Associates - Homepage

Landing page template (cropped)

Rob Blake Associates - landing page template

Modal popup enquiry form

Rob Blake Associates - modal enquiry form

Mobile design

Rob Blake Associates - Mobile design

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