St Annes Community Services

As a designer I’m sometimes asked to design speculative concepts to accompany quotes and tenders. This is work we are simply pitching for so the design has to impress the potential client or else we simply won’t get the job. These jobs can be quite tricky because not only do they have to look good, you have to balance this with how much time you can spend on it, after all it’s unpaid work.

The client?

St Annes Community Services

St Anne’s was formed originally to work with people who were homeless and excluded. Our first service was shaped around what these people said they needed. This focus on service users being central to what we do and how we develop is core to what we do today.

We now provide a range of services for people who have experienced homelessness, mental health problems, problems with substance misuse or who have a learning disability throughout Yorkshire and the North East of England.

From our small beginning in 1971, the organisation has grown and developed to become a major provider with a turnover of some £30m and employing approximately 1200 staff.

Well it ok really. Sure it’s seen better days but all in all it’s not doing the charity any harm. They already have a logo which has to remain, their color scheme is blue and yellow which also can’t be changed and they have alot of copy and images I can play around with. Not bad to start with at all.

The design

Gary Hartley

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