Selling your home privately – FROG ventures into the property market!

Selling your home privatelyA few months ago I got approached by a contact of mine to see if I was interested in getting involved in a project they were starting. After a very productive meeting, a certain FROG leaped away extremely excited by the prospect of spear heading the complete brand design of this new venture.

The aim of the project is to deliver a revolutionary global website aimed at taking the housing market by storm. The website will be aimed specifically at private home sellers, offering them an opportunity to miss out the middleman (the dreaded estate agent) and potentially save themselves thousands in agents commission fees. We aim to offer the service completely FREE to help direct the housing market in a new direction.

The unique selling point of the website is that it’s targeting the complete housing chain, from those searching for a room to rent, to those wanting to sell their English Country Estate. Buyers, Sellers, Landlords, Renters, Room searchers and those offering a spare room, is for you. currently has a holding page up detailing, in summary, the new service they are offering and inviting people to signup and be first in line to use the new website when it’s launched.

Anyway, enough selling of it, it’s exciting times not just for me, but for the housing market. It’s was only a couple of weeks or so before this started that we were talking about how bad the current websites were out there and how a lot of people still don’t know about the options they have for selling privately. I’ve been lucky enough to experience first hand the complete property chain cycle, I’ve bought, renovated, and sold a few houses in the past, I have rented a number of times, I’ve been a landlord (still am come to think of it), rented a room and even let a room. I know first hand that there isn’t a single website out there that offers me a complete service, a one stop shop for everything housing. Well now there is!

The site will be fun, light and easy to use, and as I’m feeling ecstatic at the moment I’m even going to show you a few screenshots (Rough draft versions but a taster none the less).

Homepage design for

Be the middleman homepage

Homepage, allowing users to search for homes to buy, rent or rooms up for rent. three call to actions for advertisers follow below with further information lower down.

Property listings

Be the middleman search results page

Search results feature an interactive map so users can see visually the location of homes for sale, with the option to see nearby schools and train stations.

To end…

Unfortunately that’s all I’m allowed to show at this point in time. To stay up to date with progress you can on Twitter at

Please signup at

Gary Hartley

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