Yorkshire Cloud

Having previous business dealings with the team at Yorkshire Cloud, The Floating Frog was approached to revamp the companies old website. The site suffered from an overload of information and services to do with cloud computing and inevitably the primary message was lost amongst all the noise. The new website was to be streamlined to clearly communicate the companies core service offering and to funnel the visitor through into making an enquiry and requesting a demo via prominent call to actions. Mobile visitors made up a substantial proportion of their visitor share so full support for mobile visitors via smartphones and tablets also had to be considered.


The scope

One key area that is overlooked by most agencies is the scoping stage. This is an opportunity to flesh out the website, the structure, the layout, the user flow, priority content and key call to actions. It’s also an opportunity to remove or lower the priority and position of secondary and tertiary information that is adding unnecessary noise to each page and lowering the chance of the visitor completing the primary objectives, such as absorbing the core service offering, making an online enquiry or picking up the phone.


Handcrafted responsive website design

I handcrafted every key page for Yorkshire Cloud with each page benefiting for a desktop, tablet and mobile design so the client could see exactly how the website would look like.
Responsive WordPress development

Slicing up a design into a website is an art form and is more involved these days compared to 5 or 10 years ago. We have developed a best practices document and workflow that ensures every website maintains our highest standard to builds. The WordPress CMS was integrated to offer complete control over every element the client needs to run the website ongoing without the requirement of agency services which can prove expensive.

Another delighted client

The finished result pleased the client immensely and they are confident this new sales tool will aid their ambitious growth plans. I wish them all the luck.