Theatre Deals

Theatre Deals is a new, UK based deals website from the company behind, one of the UK’s most popular and established theatre ticket websites. Theatre Deals does exactly what it says on the tin, amazing last minute deals on theatre tickets, knocking as much as 75% off the box office price. They also offer meal deals, hotel deals, group deals and ticket vouchers.

Having already worked closely with the client to create a mobile-ready version of, the brief was completely open on how Theatre Deals should be positioned. I completed the logo branding in line with the initial concepts to get the feel right before the final designs were completed.

The biggest challenge was working with the ticketing agencies API and set library of show assets that help populate the website with all the required image banners, posters, show information and so on. The framework is now there for the website to look great as new deals are created and these assets are presented.

A mobile-ready version of the site isn’t a paramount requirement at this stage due to marketing strategy agreed upon, but I envisage a standalone mobile friendly version of Theatre Deals will follow in 2015 once the site starts ranking competitively in the SERPs.

In addition to the branding and website, the contract also included the design and creation of e-newsletters and templates to help the client market to new customers and stay connected with existing customers.

Theatre Deals website by The Floating Frog

Everybody loves a montaaaaage!

Theatre Deals Design Montage