Rain Rescue

Rain Rescue had two main requirements when they approached The Floating Frog. The first was to find an agency who could deliver a professional website that hit each of the objectives on their long list and secondly, to work with an agency who they could trust to deliver, service and advise them through the entire process. After 6 months of initial consultation, trust building and bad experiences from previous agencies, Rain Rescue chose us to take their charity to the next level.

The scope

Rain Rescue previously relied on volunteers to produce their website and keep it running and to a point it worked for them. They got a WordPress website online, branded and populated. It showed the passion the charity had to help animals in need but from a design and technical point of view, it was missing in almost every important area. The Floating Frog aimed to transform the website with a sympathetic design makeover whilst developing a completely custom content management system built on top of WordPress.


Handcrafted website design

Rain Rescue has been handcrafted from the ground up to work seamlessly on every popular device, adapting automatically to any screen size. Desktop visitors see a feature-rich interface with large, prominent feature images and videos whilst mobile visitors get served a simple interface that puts the content first in an uncluttered environment.

Responsive WordPress development

Slicing up a design into a website is an art form and is more involved these days compared to 5 or 10 years ago. We have developed a best practices document and workflow that ensures every website maintains our highest standard to builds. The WordPress CMS was integrated to offer complete control over every element the client needs to run the website ongoing without the requirement of agency services which can prove expensive.


Another delighted client

Rain Rescue have been well serviced throughout the entire process and have admitted to having their faith in web agencies restored by working with The Floating Frog. The website has been handcrafted to meet their exact requirements with the benefit of an easy to use user interface. The website even automates daily newsletters to their subscriber base, leaving them to direct their limited resources to the areas that matter – the animals in need. We’re so proud to see the final result after a year of consultation and development.