Mobile Phone Deals

Design a brand new mobile phones comparison website with strong branding, a user friendly design and a responsive interface. Touch support and mobile/tablet design is imperative due to the high proportion of mobile based traffic.



The vision for the brand was to demand a market leading position in the marketplace, with echoes of ‘best deals’ and ‘best after-sales service’ to their visitors. A simple but clear icon that portrays the message, accompanied by a friendly but professional typeface and colour scheme finishes it off.

User friendly web design

MobilePhoneDeals puts the user first, putting the product first and the ability to locate their ideal phone with a slide of the mouse or swipe of the finger. Coupling all the deals under the handset first allows for a simpler browsing experience, presenting top deals and options they may not have considered otherwise. Scoping the site out at the start was the key as this allowed the team to design a website that caters for desktop, touch and mobile users.


Touch friendly HTML5 markup

I handcraft every website I design and follow my tried and tested best practices, which I have developed over the last 12 years or so. MobilePhoneDeals helped us expand upon these best practices and challenged us to produce a HTML5 code base that supported mouse and touch gestures.

The team at MobilePhoneDeals developed the website using their own mobile phone comparison engine and the site that is live today is the result of all this hard work.