Go Car Rental

The team behind Go Car Rental had a clear vision in mind when the initial details were drawn up for a new car hire comparison website they wanted to launch. They needed a partner they could trust, with a proven track record, that could deliver their vision. They chose The Floating Frog, and we delivered.



The vision for the brand was to instill a sense of trust, authority and value-for-money to the end user through a selective color palette and bold typography. The brand will be strategically rolled across Europe, so the brand had to be nimble and easily translatable. ‘Go’ was chosen as the brand anchor with support from the typography and colour palette. We think it’s memorable, recognisable and delivers as a strong worldwide brand name.


Conversion focused web design

The art of a highly converting website is simplicity. For Go Car Rental, the audience is driven by price and is aided by a simple search and navigation structure. These key markers form the basis of the website structure from the early planning stages and we presented a series of options to the client, after which the final designs were chosen, tweaked and completed.


SEO friendly HTML5 markup

I handcraft every website I design. By using our best practices, which I have developed over the last 12 years, I coded SEO friendly markup for the new Go Car Rental website.

The team at Go Car Rental developed the website using their own car hire comparison engine and the site that is live today is the result of all this hard work.