Compare Flights

Compare Flights was a challenging yet rewarding project to work on. The website needed to be simple, clear and trustworthy for it’s visitor yet deliver a high conversion rate for the client. After a thorough scoping session with the client a clear vision was seen and the site designs were then created. The idea was to focus on making the user journey as clear and as noise free as possible, allowing them to search immediately from the homepage (always a key landing page) or browse by country, trip type or popular destinations.


The Project

The site was then integrated with a third-party API that delivered the flight information in the way we designed it. Ordering the flight information into an easy to digest format and ordered by cheapest first, with number of stops grouped. It’s so easy to navigate through the results and we were amazed by both the conversion rate achieved and the customer feedback.

The dynamic search feature allows a visitor to search for the exact flight they want using the search options shown. For added usability we developed a live search feature which means when they start typing in a destination, search suggestions appear underneath the input which they can then click on to auto fill the field. The site is full of little touches like this to help with visitor usability and inevitably help make the site a success.