Pleasure Island Family Theme Park

Another 9xb success story, another exercise in modern Web 2.0.

A snippet from the client case study on the new 9xb website.

Pleasure Island approached 9xb looking for a website to support their prime time TV advertising campaign. Phase one of the project was to build an information site that would provide a reference point for the attraction with a design aimed to project the excitement of a day out at this theme park. Still in the pipeline is phase two, building an interactive park map and developing an online ticket ordering facility.

I was the account designer for Pleasure Island and I thoroughly enjoyed designing a website that wasn’t ‘ecommerce’ or ‘white label’, this actually had a great design potential that wasn’t fulfilled by their existing website.

Time for another snippet I think..

As a theme park, it was important for the design to have the wow factor, to get across the excitement of the attractions and to give browsers a real feel for the thrilling rides they’ll find at the park. Pleasure Island had a strong existing corporate identity and the site needed to mirror this style and tie in with their printed communications materials.

Using the powerful Javascript framework, jQuery we created seamless ride selection transitions on the white knuckle ride page, presenting ride videos and photos in an effective and slick way.

Gary Hartley

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