My Lunar Eclipse Experience

It’s 3am and the big event is in full swing. By 3:40am, it’s pretty hard to see the moon as it hides behind the shadow of the Earth. Come 3:50am, I think I’m done and head inside to bed. The big event, for me at least, was over.

The blood-red eclipse wasn’t too impressive to the naked eye. You could barely see a tint of red from where I sat, in the garden with moderate light noise from suburbia and a crystal clear sky, clear of clouds and UFO’s.

I did have a camera, a fancy one with a 2000mm digital, auto focus lense. The Nikon P900 as it happens. In the day, with good light, it’s a mean piece of kit. At night, maxing the zoom and focusing in on an almost invisible object, it doesn’t fair too well – as you’d probably expect.

However, it did manage to capture a few half decent shots. The full moon produced the best shots, but just as surprising, the blood-red Moon started to show it’s true color.

If you ignore the clearly blurry shots, the following montage does present the event pretty well.

All in all, I’m glad I experienced it. For me, it’s one of those things that sounds more impressive than it was. “I experienced the Lunar blood-red eclipse”. Yup, I can say that I guess. I can show them the photos and I can be proud of my long standing nocturnal stamina. It’s just a shame the real experience fell flat slightly for me.


Gary Hartley

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