Live Quest

It seems only yesterday that we were getting annoyed with the vuvuzelas in the opening game as “Bufana, Bufana” announced the first African World Cup, but as we now approach the 2010 World Cup final we have become accustomed to the noise.  Hearing that buzz reach my ears stimulates excitement, the association that two of the best teams in the world are about to play out 90 minutes.

Alas, we are but days away from this event coming to a close, four long years away from the next.  Of course there will be replays and archived footage shown for months to come, the Blackstars’ dancing celebrations, Frank Lampard’s goal that never was, and of course Van Bronckhorst’s screamer against Uruguay.  But if you want a real lasting memory of the 2010 World Cup you should get yourself over to eBay and bid on one of these absolutely incredible pieces.

Oh, and did I mention all the proceeds go the Nelson Mandela’s 46664 Foundation? – a charitable organisation that aims to build a better world for everyone.  This campaign is a series of ‘Live Quest’ paintings.

Commissioned by Adidas and 180 it promotes the astonishing talents of Paul Kasemwana and Espoir Kennedy, two emerging African artists, in capturing key moments throughout the tournament, telling the story of the World Cup, traditionally as only Africa could.  Given the almost life-size proportions of the art too they are remarkably good value.

“A story of 32 heroes and 32 nations battling it out for the greatest prize in football because… Every Team Needs The Quest”  It just sounds epic doesn’t it.

The natural style of the paintings also mean that they lend themselves not just to being stand alone pieces, but part of Adidas’ online graphic novel too which is also well worth checking out.

Gary Hartley

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