Latest Internet Stats Roundup: Technology

Did you know 95.1% of users connected to the Internet in the UK are on broadband connections, according to Here’s a quick roundup of some other interesting technology based statistics.

Latest Internet Stats Roundup: Technology


93% of enterprises (10+ employees) in the UK have Internet access.

Eurostat ‘ICT Usage by Enterprises 2008’, ICT Statistics, December 2008

48% of home broadband users have used wireless broadband at home in the last month.

IAB/PwC, ‘Online AdspendStudy H2 2008’, April 2009

In December 2008, Eurostat reported that 60% of all homes in the EU-27 countries had Internet access and 48% had broadband. This equates to 4 in 5 homes with Internet access in the EU-27 having broadband. In 13 out of the EU-27 markets, over 50% of all homes had broadband – including the UK (62%), Germany (55%) and France (57%).

Eurostat, December 2008

95.1% of users connected to the Internet in the UK are on broadband connections., December 2008

Consumer spend on broadband Internet access looks to be very resilient so far. A recent survey in the UK about items people would be willing to give up to save money in a recession found that 57% would refuse to give up their broadband – higher even than fresh fruit and vegetables! (43%).

Net Imperative, December 2008

Worldwide, over 6 billion songs have been sold on iTunes.

TechCrunch, January 2009

UK Digital TV (DTV) growth has finally started to slow significantly. By the end of 2008, 86% of TV homes and 91% of the population living in TV homes had DTV reception on one or more sets.

Enders Analysis, March 2009

24% of mobile phone users in the UK have watched mobile TV and/or video.

QuickPlay Media Inc., February 2009

UK mobile search increased from 3.2m in July 2007 to 4.3m in July 2008.

eMarketer, December 2008

In the UK, 55% of iPhone users and 34% of smartphone users have used web search, as opposed to 12% of total mobile phone users.

eMarketer, March 2009

Paid mobile search spend worldwide is forecast to grow from $260.60m in 2009 to $2,977.30m in 2012.

eMarketer, March 2009

Over 30% of respondents in a recent eMarket study for Japan, UK, Spain and US, agreed that the mobile phone is an extension of their PCs/Laptops. 4% felt it was a computer, while 22% felt their mobile device was both a phone and a computer.

eMarketer, March 2009

Worldwide mobile phone subscription penetration is 61%.

eMarketer, March 2009

In the UK, 81% of mobile media users access mobile media more than once a week with 46% using it daily.

MobiAd News, March 2009

84% of the UK population owns a mobile phone.

Deliotte, April 2009

Nearly two million people in the UK use their mobile phones for a growing number of services, from text alerts that confirm when they have been paid to transferring money between accounts.

Times Online, February 2009

Japanese etail giants can make as much as one quarter of their sales via cellphones. Nearly half of Tokyo’’s single females are accessing the mobile web more than five times a week, with the peak shopping time between 1pm and 3pm reflecting the part-time employment status of many young Japanese.

Internet Retailing, May 2009

Over 90% of iPhone users accessed mobile media in January.

NMA, March 2009

Take-up of top-speed broadband packages is also on the rise. Virgin Media, which last year brought out Britain’s first 50Mb broadband service saw a 78% increase in the number of customers choosing to pay for its most expensive package during 2008.

Enders Analysis, February 2009

Googles Chrome browser increases its global browser market share 285% in 12 months, while competitor Microsofts Internet Explorer loses an incredible 6% of the total market share in the same period.

The Floating Frog, October 2009

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