It’s your birthday and you don’t want anything? Are you serious??

It’s my little (well she’s hardly little anymore) girl’s 6th birthday on the 1st June and I’m wading through ideas on what to get her for her birthday. The Dialogue went something like this…

Daddy: So it’s your big birthday next week, your a big 6! Want to tell me what you want as a present?

Katy: Nothing Daddy, just you and a box full of kisses.

Daddy: Oh baby! That’s so sweet. So a box full of kisses and what else?

Katy: A box full of hugs AND kisses daddy.

Daddy: hahaha Katy, you can have that anytime. I was meaning what kind of present do you want, you know from a shop?

Katy: Nothing Daddy.

Daddy: Right! Are you sure? Absolutely nothing at all? No big presents covered in wrapping paper?

Katy: No thank you Daddy, can I go play now?

Daddy: Sure sweetie, you go play.


When I was a kid I had manners and never asked for anything. When I opened my presents I always said thank you and cleared the wrapping paper into the bin liner. I used to prey for certain things, like Micro Machines, Nun-chucka play sets, He-Man Figures but never asked. Has Katy picked up the same habits as I had as a kid? I wonder because I really want to treat her this year because previous years have been really tight and she has been doing amazingly well at school. Question is what?

Her likes

Katy loves books and reads to me all the time. I think she has now read more books than I have. She also likes being outside on her bike, gardening, getting muddy, doing practical jokes. She isn’t into things like Hanna Montana or …. ‘other stuff’, that other kids seem to be into. She also like drawing and making things. She does the best cat drawing, I love it… all 100 of them


Well I need ideas. I completely stumped. What do you give a girl for her birthday who says she doesn’t want anything?

Gary Hartley

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