Impact of Icelandic Volcano seen on live air traffic

Today all of the UK’s major airports grounded flights in and out due to a volcanic ash cloud from the Icelandic erupting volcano Eyjafjallajökull. The impact of this can be seen visually on the Live Air Traffic website What would have been frenzied airway activity over England and Scotland has now been replaced my an eerie silence and clearance of planes. The yellow plane icons represent planes currently in flight, the blue crosses represent closed airports.

Impact of Icelandic Volcano seen on live air traffic

Icelandic Volcano grounds UK flights

Twitter buzz

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Pictures of Iceland Volcano Eyjafjallajökull

This Flickr set of Eyjafjallajökull shows the velocity of the eruption.

Volcano in Iceland pictures

Click image to view the Flickr set.

Videos of Iceland Volcano Eyjafjallajökull

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