IETester: A cross browser compatibility checker

I’ve been using IETester for a few months now and find it invaluable in my day-to-day development or new and old websites. IETester is simply a browser that allows you to view your website in multiple versions of Internet Explorer while keeping your standard install of Internet Explorer.

IETester is a free WebBrowser that allows you to have the rendering and javascript engines of IE8, IE7 IE 6 and IE5.5 on Windows 7, Vista and XP, as well as the installed IE in the same process.

So far IETester by has had over 750,000 downloads and so is a popular choice amongst web designer across the globe.


IETester has some limitations:

  • The Previous/Next buttons are not working properly
  • Focus is not working properly
  • Java applets are not working
  • Flash is not working on IE6 instance in user mode : A solution is to launch IETester as admin user and Flash will work.
  • CSS Filters are not working correctly in user mode : A solution is to launch IETester as admin user and CSS Filters will work.

Gary Hartley

Gary Hartley is The Floating Frog. A seasoned freelance web designer with skills in UI/UX, CRO design, WordPress, branding, PSD-HTML conversions and more. Got a project you need to start or take to the next level? Please, get in touch!