How 20 popular websites looked when they launched

A look back at the humble beginnings of some of the internets biggest websites. This post was originally posted by the Telegraph and we feel it fits as a sturn reminder to all those companies and individuals who wait and wait and wait in launching their website while messing over the little details. We say – ‘Just launch it!’, as as we can see from the following screenshots you have to start somewhere.

1. – launched in 1996

Google first look

2. – launched in 2004

Facebook first look

3. – launched in 2003

Myspace first look

4. – launched in 1994

Yahoo first look

5. – launched in 2005

Youtube first look

6. – launched in 2001

Wikipedia first look

7. – launched in 1995

MSN first look

8. – launched in 1987 (screenshot from 1996)

Apple first look

9. – launched in 1997

Drudgereport first look

10. – launched in 1995

Amazon first look

11. – launched in 2006

Twitter first look

12. – launched in 1994

Whitehouse first look

13. – launched in 1995

Craigslist first look

14. – launched in 1995

Nytimes first look

15. – launched in 1997

bbcnews first look

16. – launched in 1996

Dell first look

17. – launched in 2000

Friendsreunited first look

18. – launched in 1994

Telegraph first look

19. – launched in 1999

Blogger first look

20. – launched in 2004

Flickr first look

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