Google’s Chrome overtakes Internet Explorer to top the Global Browser Share

This week saw Google’s Chrome browser overtake Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in the global browser share. May 20th 2012 saw Chrome take 32.76% of the market, compared to IE’s 31.94%, with Firefox trailing behind on a plateaued 25.47% and Apple’s Safari browser at 7.08%.

Internet Explorer has dominated the share of the browser market for years but has seen major decline in it’s market share since hitting the dizzying heights of 70.44% share in November 2008. Since being launched in August 2008, Chrome has seen a dramatic rise in popularity and usage and has finally overtaken IE to take the crown in the browser wars.

Global Browser Share

Global Browser Share: Last 2 Weeks

This are the global browser share statistics which are useful to know, but if you run an online business and rely predominantly on UK traffic then it may be more useful to know the browser market share in the UK.

UK Browser Share

UK Browser Share: Last 2 Weeks

We hope this information was useful for you to know. Whether you’re a developer, a site owner or simply an internet user, it’s always important to where your current browser ranks in the global browser share.

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