Freeagent redesign 2012

FreeAgent Small Business Online AccountingFreeagent, the online accounting software for small businesses and freelancers, have released some previews of their upcoming interface update. At first glance we’re very impressed and as a company that uses the software day in day out we’re very much looking forward to these improvements being released.

Let’s have a look at the visuals they’ve released so far:

Dashboard Overview

New Layouts

New Navigation


At first glance we’re very impressed. It’s how every user interface should be like, simple, intuitive, easy to navigate and a pleasure to use. They have stripped the back the treatment of each page and have really focused on removing any unnecessary information yet kept it accessible.

The current online software is very usable at present but this is certainly a step forward. Each page looks well scoped and real definition has been applied to each page template.

We’re looking forward to reviewing the software in more depth once these updates have been rolled out.

We already recommend FreeAgent online accounting software to small businesses and freelancers from all around Yorkshire and nationwide, but now we’d even endorse it!

FreeAgent Small Business Online Accounting

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