Free Icon Sets For Websites and Applications

Free icon sets – Need some free icons? Looking for those detailed 16×16 Silk icons from FamFamFam or the impressive Tango collection? Then look no further, below is a plethora of links to free icon sets. Each free icon set has it’s own license attributed to it so please read it carefully before using them.

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Download Instructions: Simply click on each image to visit the download sites.


Silk Icons

“Silk” is a smooth, free icon set, containing over 700 16-by-16 pixel icons in strokably-soft PNG format.

Silk Icons

Mini Icons

“Mini” is a set of 144 GIF icons available for free use for any purpose.

Mini Icons

Flag Icons

“Flags” are 247 icons — in GIF and PNG formats — representing most countries in the world as small pixel icons.

Flag icons

Tango desktop icons

Hundreds of desktop icon sets

Tango icons

Sweetie Icons

182 web application icons


Feed Icons

Official feed icons

Official feed icons

HoHoHo! Icons

113 10×10 gray scale icons in GIF format.


Mini Pixel Icons

320 mini pixel icons


Further Icon Resources

1. Zeusbox Feedicons – 34 feed icons in 32 and 16 pixels size with PNG format.
2. FastIcon – a series of CSS3 icons, currently updated.
3. IconDrawer – high quality Mac OS X PNG format icons sets.
4. IconFactory – quality free icon sets for Windows and Mac.
5. ColorCons Free Icons – PNG 128×128 format.
6. Designmagus – a series desktop icon sets.
7. Silvestre – six series desktop icon sets.
8. Ganato – free PSD Icons.
9. Tango – desktop icons with 16×16, 22×22 and 32×32 format.
10. Greyscale – a set of 40 icons which each fit into a 34 x 34 pixel area.
11. IconsDesigns – Vista style icon sets.
12. Marko Webcontrol Icons
13. Yellowpipe Free Icons
14. Iheartny – a series quality desktop icon sets.
15. Crystalxp – PNG icon sets.
16. Enhancedlabs – quality desktop icons.
17. Icon Archive
18. Freeiconsweb – 15,000 free icons for Windows, Macintosh and Linux Systems.
19. Zyotism
20. Pixelpressicons – icons for Mac only.
21. Websiteicons
22. Vista Icons – free Vista style icons.

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