Fairfax House

Fairfax House undergoes essential works

Quick Client summary: Fairfax House boasts of being England’s finest Georgian town house. Saved from decay and certain ruin by the York Civic Trust in 1982-84, Fairfax House is now a thriving museum that transports you to the splendour of city-living in Georgian York, the centre of polite society.

Project background

It was a familiar story, and a similar story to how the original house fell into disrepair. Over time, essential works of maintenance, regeneration and general improvements were overlooked and before you knew it, the website started to show it’s age. With limited budgets and a long to do list, Fairfax House commissioned a close friend of mine to start remedial works to improve key areas of the site, the big wins that would improve usability and the essential job of making it mobile ready. I was brought in to offer advice on the general design, areas where the UX could be improved and also offering advice on current web trends that could work well for the museum.

Design work

It was clear the to do list was longer than the budgets allowed for the project, so priorities were drawn up to tackle in the time allocated. The homepage and the events section were agreed upon with the rest of the site being being developed around the new style by the developer.

The homepage was to prominently promote upcoming events and exhibitions, so a calendar section was introduced to highlight the events happening during the next 12 months on a per month basis, allowing visitors of the website to quickly scan what’s on. The rest of the page became more visual with rows of images and links through to the other key sections of the website.

The events area was the biggest transformation and is a million miles away from how it used to look – in a good way! Flexible templates were designed to tailor for the different kinds of events and exhibitions the house put on.

Ongoing improvements

I hope Fairfax House continue to invest in the website. There are barrels loads on unlocked potential still waiting to be uncovered and a regeneration team on standby, waiting for the next phase.

Example Fairfax House designs

Fairfax House homepage
Fairfax House Events page
Fairfax House Events page with hero image
Fairfax House Events page no hero image

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