Euell Gibbons Trail

Euell Gibbons Trail is a mountain biking term meaning “some parts (of the trail) are rideable”. This would be an understated term to describe the condition of the mountain bike trail I rode today.

Recent weather conditions made the Nidd Gorge trail in North Yorkshire almost unrideable, and at one point I narrowly avoided an endo when I rode through what seemed like a shallow mud pile, slamming to a halt with the front wheel submerged and being jolted into the handle bars – OW!

On a dry day this single track is not easy, the trail ascends and falls along the riverbank continuously, tree roots and baby heads making dabbing unavoidable. By the end of the trail I was covered head to toe in mud so I walked into the fast flowing river, shoes and socks still on and washed myself down.

The end of the trail is met by a public house, a cool pint was exactly what I needed… now where’s my wallet?……………..!!!!

Gary Hartley

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