Death by Desk Job: How to Fight It (INFOGRAPHIC)

The infographic below, from the sports medicine company KT Tape, lays out some of the dangers of a sedentary work life and what you can do defeat desk-bound death. Studies show that we burn 50,000 less calories a year than we did 50 years ago, with jobs requiring physical activity down by 30%.

The American Heart Association urges us to take 30 minutes of walking to reduce the risk of heart disease; 100 steps per minute is considered a reasonable pace.

The infographic below also shows 8 excercises you can perform while sat at your desk, from thigh stretches to shoulder shrugs, from leg squats to chair dips.

Exercising at your desk is a great way to stay active, but we are warned not to strain ourselves while working out or overexerting ourselves around the office. Ergonomic office furniture is a good way to prevent workplace injuries so make sure your chair is up to the task.

Death by Desk Job: How to Fight It (INFOGRAPHIC)

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