Cohen and Wilks International (CWI)

CWI (Cohen and Wilks) design, manufacture and supply clothing garments to some of the highstreets biggest retailers. They wanted a new website to replace their current one which is starting to show it’s age. I got to visit their headquarters in the heart of Leeds and got given a guided tour of their entire manufacturing process, from the initial designers studios (predominently young female designers for some reason), to the warehouse and the clothes inspection and sorting lines.

My first impressions of CWI were that they were a major player in the clothes retail market, with operations in the UK, Asia and Europe. They are also part of the Mutsui & Co., Ltd group whom own a large percentage of the company.

We were joined by the same photographer who we comissioned to photograph the Thackray Museum whom will be helping to capture some great shots for the new website.

Taking all these factors into account, this is what I came up with:

Gary Hartley

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