Check Availability of Social Usernames, Domain Names and Trademarks with one search

Here’s a really useful tool in our ‘really useful tools to share’ series of posts… you like that? Good, I’ll continue… If you’ve just finished collecting the Dr Who 2010 Merlin sticker collection and you’re frantically looking for another random collection to occupy your time then why not start a social usernames collection? Just imagine, owning your chosen username account on every social site on the web! Am I selling it to you yet? No? That’s good, you’ve passed the ‘I’ve got a life’ test. On the other hand if you have a legitimate reason for owning or checking the availability of a username on social sites, domain names and trademarks then this online tool is exactly what you’re after. Do it all in one search, type in a query and see which ones are available and which ones you can secure. They’re quite literally up for grabs.

Bill Murray

So let’s pretend I’m Bill Murray, the legend that is (this guy has a direct line to my funny bone). I want to know which TLD‘s for www.billmurray. are available and which social sites I can register as billmurray.

Bill Murray

Crap, no usernames are available for the top 10 social sites but there are both trademarks and domains available. Now, what can I do with the domain name Is he still on TV? Has he ever been? Films yes but TV? Sorry I’m meandering off the point.

The point is – whether you’re a Joe Blogg‘s or a business you can use to check and protect your online identity, all with one quick search.

Know of a better tool for the job?

Then let us know in the comments belooooooow.

Gary Hartley

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