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  • Rank Check Your Site With Advanced Web Rankings

    Advanced Web Rankings (AWR for short) is a pretty well-known tool for rank checking websites against your chosen keywords and search engines. There are four licence levels – from $99 to $599. This looks great at first glance because unlike a lot of licences in the SEO world (SEOMoz for one), this is a one-time… Read more »

  • 10 Advanced jQuery Demo’s and Plugin’s

    Here’s a quick catchup on some of the hottest jQuery demo’s and plugin’s at the moment. For more information about each one simply click on the image under each heading to link to the demo site. If you have any others you wish to share please do in the comments belooow. Quicksand Reorder and filter… Read more »

  • Check Availability of Social Usernames, Domain Names and Trademarks with one search

    Here’s a really useful tool in our ‘really useful tools to share’ series of posts… you like that? Good, I’ll continue… If you’ve just finished collecting the Dr Who 2010 Merlin sticker collection and you’re frantically looking for another random collection to occupy your time then why not start a social usernames collection? Just imagine,… Read more »

  • Pre-launch website checklist

    Successful websites require a series of important pre-launch stages to ensure they have the best chance of succeeding. Client liason, technical specs, design briefs, accessibility, standards compliance and SEO are all important factors in the DNA of the top performing sites. Through years of commercial experience we have found the final quality assurance stage to… Read more »

  • Affordable Secure Backup

    Whether you are an IT professional or a computer novice, choosing the right backup system to use at work or home is a difficult, and frankly uninspiring use of time, and one which almost always results in making undesirable compromises. There always seem to be far too many options and the good solutions come with… Read more »

  • Instant Blueprint – Create a website framework in seconds!

    Instant Blueprint allows you to quickly create a web project framework with valid HTML/XHTML and CSS in only a matter of seconds, allowing you to get your project up and running faster! If you’re after saving time by setting up the generic website framework of your next project then this could save you time. Personally… Read more »

  • Historical Browser Statistics: Visualised

    Viewing historical browser market share statistics the old fashioned way is a pretty dull task. There’s nothing less inspiring than sitting staring at a table of data that visually tells you nothing. On the flip side we all like a good pie chart right? All those colourful segments that kind of look like a Terry’s… Read more »

  • Grid Overlays to assist your website development

    I’m a web designer by day and a web designer by night, I pretty much live and breath the web. I use many tools to assist me in my workflow, tools that both assist me in maintaining quality in my work and also in saving time, time I’d much rather spend catching up on the… Read more »

  • Free Secret Santa Random Name Generator

    Christmas isn’t far away now, 38 days to be precise, and if you’re even a little bit festive there’s a chance your place of work may do a Secret Santa. It’s a fun way of buying a colleague a Christmas present without them knowing who sent it. It’s also fair because everyone normally has a… Read more »

  • Satellite Above – I Watched it for a Little While

    A moving light in the sky is guaranteed to catch my attention. If it is slow moving and flashing then I know that it is likely to be an aircraft. If it shoots across the sky in an instant then I know it to be a meteor or shooting star. If it is fixed then… Read more »

  • for WordPress – Optimise your images for a lightening quick website is an image optimiser developed by Yahoo! that lets you decrease image file sizes without losing image quality. If you’re running WordPress, there is a plugin that’s optimises images on the fly when you upload them. WP takes just moments to install and can make a big impact on the performance of your… Read more »

  • IETester: A cross browser compatibility checker

    I’ve been using IETester for a few months now and find it invaluable in my day-to-day development or new and old websites. IETester is simply a browser that allows you to view your website in multiple versions of Internet Explorer while keeping your standard install of Internet Explorer. IETester is a free WebBrowser that allows… Read more »

  • 5 Second Usability Test

    Calling all web designers, you may be interested in this cool little tool we discovered that lets you test the usability of your brand spanking new website. So before you start slicing and dicing, stop! Like Grolsch Lager, “it is not ready yet!” As a designer I can stand up tall and confidently say I… Read more »

  • iFrame Buster Script!

    The following script will stop your website from being encased within an iFrame. With the recently social media toolbars that have started to pop up it has become harder and harder to launch successful linkbait campaigns through traffic streams such as Social Media. Digg is the latest culprit when they introduced their Social Media Toolbar,… Read more »

  • PNG Fix for IE6 – brucey says “come on down”!

    We all know IE6 is a bag ‘o’ shite poo right? Well unfortunately there are still loads of people who use it. This is not necessarily a problem in itself, after all as long and we do our CSS properly and understand the limitations of the browser, everything should be ok. One area that does… Read more »