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  • Fiber Optic Tapestry

    Inspired by the Jacquard Loom, the first computer to use punch cards, artists Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese are looking to “marry traditional hand-woven crafts with information technologies” with their new project: Fiber Optic Tapestry. The tapestry is set to be a nine panel work of art, woven by fiber optic threads (instead of traditional… Read more »

  • Live Quest

    It seems only yesterday that we were getting annoyed with the vuvuzelas in the opening game as “Bufana, Bufana” announced the first African World Cup, but as we now approach the 2010 World Cup final we have become accustomed to the noise.  Hearing that buzz reach my ears stimulates excitement, the association that two of… Read more »

  • Affordable Secure Backup

    Whether you are an IT professional or a computer novice, choosing the right backup system to use at work or home is a difficult, and frankly uninspiring use of time, and one which almost always results in making undesirable compromises. There always seem to be far too many options and the good solutions come with… Read more »

  • Celebrity Caricature Prints and Books make great gifts

    Peter from dropped us an email to ask if we can help publicise their range of celebrity caricature books and prints in time for Christmas. Normally we ignore these types of marketing emails but Peters request stood out when he explained it was an initiative that supported Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Personally I have never… Read more »

  • CableDrop

    CableDrop is a must buy product for every gadget freak! These clever little cable holders can be stuck on any surface, the side of your iMac, the side of your desk, anywhere where you want to casually grasp those loose digital camera wires or your iPod earphones. They look great and come in a variety… Read more »