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  • A Self-Build Garden Office: A Different Kind Of Project

    I’ve always been into DIY. In the past, I’ve helped renovate houses, been handy with a paint brush and even tried my hand at a bit of carpentry. The current house has also benefited from my DIY work as well, adding an ensuite wetroom shower room to a bedroom, painting, decorating, tiling and so on…. Read more »

  • World’s Largest Artwork

    The World’s largest artwork – a somewhat intriguing premise for even the least artistic of people wouldn’t you agree?  I mean, how big could it actually be? Well, prepare to be open mouthed at this nine square mile creation! As with many artistic installations it is the final product that gets shown off, but because… Read more »

  • Fiber Optic Tapestry

    Inspired by the Jacquard Loom, the first computer to use punch cards, artists Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese are looking to “marry traditional hand-woven crafts with information technologies” with their new project: Fiber Optic Tapestry. The tapestry is set to be a nine panel work of art, woven by fiber optic threads (instead of traditional… Read more »

  • Design concepts explained: Affordance

    The design concepts explained series aims to explain ideas behind design. This week we focus on the concept of affordance and its use in graphic and UI design.

  • 15 timeless flower themed MACRO shots to inspire

    Macro photography allows photographers to get up close and personal with a subject, capturing detail and allowing the viewer to see the world from an unseen angle. This collection is themed on flowers and light and is a beautiful collection to both aspire and inspire, enjoy.

  • 4 million matchsticks + 15 years = An exact replica of a North Sea platform

    A former oil rig worker spent 15 years building an exact replica of a North Sea platform – out of more than four million matchsticks. David Reynolds, 51, spent up to 10 hours each day painstakingly crafting the half a ton model of the Brent Bravo rig in his living room. The full article and… Read more »

  • 10 Individually Brilliant Photographs!

    A picture paints a thousand words and here are 10 that do that with flair. I love the photo of the storm over the island, such a tremendous image. If you like them why not give it a “Thumbs Up!” Storm over an island Massive Butterfly Penguin Army Clever cement advertisement Crazy Soil erosion Traffic… Read more »

  • Digital Sand-Timer Watch: Concept

    The concept-only Sand+Time Watch is a digital timekeeper with a little stone age twist. In ordinary mode, it works like a conventional watch displaying hours at the top and minutes on the bottom. But in screensaver mode, the watch turns into a sand clock and you can watch “sand” drop from the top screen to… Read more »

  • We never knew shoes could look so awesome!

    Shoes, a womens indulgence! Typically they are left scattered around the house, on the stairs, under the sofa, they even fill up your side of the wardrobe. They are everywhere! Why you ask is it that we’re showcasing shoes below? Surely these will merely entice your other half to spend your beer money and go… Read more »

  • 20 Awesome Abstract Wallpapers from the Abyss

    These abstract wallpapers have been specifically selected for there awesomeness from the Wallpaper Abyss. To download any of the following wallpapers simply click on the thumbnail of your choosing, then save the enlarged to either your desktop, to manually add it as a wallpaper, or right click and choose ‘Save as Background Image’ (or something… Read more »

  • Amazing! 1000 fps showreel – I-Movix SprintCam

    Here is the first SprintCam v3 showreel, made for NAB 2009 exhibition. Mostly 1000FPS shots, made during a recent rugby competition in the Stade de France, Paris. Absolutely amazing imagery I-Movix SprintCam v3 NAB 2009 showreel from David Coiffier on Vimeo. …but red jelly is actually 2500fps!!

  • Amazing typography portrait of Steve Jobs

    Some know this technique as a ‘Typographic Terrorists’ piece, but to those that don’t this is an expert example of a piece of art created merely out of typography. We saw this piece shooting around and wanted to showcase it as a piece of excellence, created by the very talented Dylan Roscover. Typographic portrait of… Read more »

  • Good manners or an act of kindness?

    Throughout the month of March I challenged myself to commit a random act of kindness (RAKs) every day, and I thought I’d take this opportunity to share my experiences. Good manners or an act of kindness? When you do good, like make a colleague a cuppa, or do the washing up can you class it… Read more »

  • A room covered in thousands of white post-its

    A superb creation entitled “Winter 1972” by a student studying visual communications in Switzerland, called Adrian Merz. A portfolio piece using thousands of white posts-it notes in a living room. Original reference and credit to Fubiz

  • More awesome t-shirt designs from

    Aled Lewis is a designer and illustrator based in London, England. He has created an awesome collection of illustrations that you can buy on t-shirts at Not As Far As You Think Television Made Me Do It Identifying Flying Objects Freaks In The Fun House Eating Brains, Throwing Shapes Foam Monster In Emotional Reunion… Read more »