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  • My Lunar Eclipse Experience

    It’s 3am and the big event is in full swing. By 3:40am, it’s pretty hard to see the moon as it hides behind the shadow of the Earth. Come 3:50am, I think I’m done and head inside to bed. The big event, for me at least, was over. The blood-red eclipse wasn’t too impressive to… Read more »

  • Did you know how slow you run?

    Did you know how slow you run? Well if you’re anything like this guy, an average guy running in a suit, you’re pretty god damn slow. During this 50 yard sprint he topped out at 15.9mph which seems quite fast at first glance for a fat guy in a suite, then you overlay a selection… Read more »

  • The (completely made up) iPad Review

    The embargo is over and I can finally announce that I have not had an iPad to play with or review for the past week (not like that Andy Ihnatko fellow). Yes, I signed an embargo to not say that I didn’t have an iPad before the release. I’m terrible about contracts (I have 8… Read more »

  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with best wishes from The Floating Frog

  • Designer vs Client | Make my website for free

    Funny cos it’s true! You need sound. If you like it there’s a load more on Youtube. A bit of Friday fun 🙂

  • Tango posters – get a free limited edition poster!

    Tango, the orange flavoured fizzy drink from Britvic PLC, recently launched a new advertising campaign which we featured. The campaign stirred a mixed reaction amongst our readers with some being offended by the dumbing-down tone and offensive language. Others however found them highly amusing and asked where they could get one from. Popart UK are… Read more »

  • How 20 popular websites looked when they launched

    A look back at the humble beginnings of some of the internets biggest websites. This post was originally posted by the Telegraph and we feel it fits as a sturn reminder to all those companies and individuals who wait and wait and wait in launching their website while messing over the little details. We say… Read more »

  • Goldie Lookin’ Chain Top Trumps – Wicked innit!

    Goldie Lookin’ Chain, the legends behind the legendary “Guns don’t kill people rappers do” have created possibly the best/besteva/bestestever Trumps card game set. Simply click on any thumbnail to see a full size, uncropped enlargement. Even better, why not download the set and play Trumps with your nan, wickaaaard! Best Trumps set eva innit!

  • Too much Tango made me think I was a Ninja but I’m not. I’m just Gary.

    Tango, the orange flavoured fizzy drink from Britvic PLC, has launched a new advertising campaign that really caught my eye. While passing a bus stop the poster on the side read “Too much Tango made me think I was a Ninja but I’m not. I’m just Gary.”. I laughed, cos I’m immature you see. British… Read more »

  • 100 Abandoned Houses

    Ten, of a series of 100, abandoned houses in Detroit, Michigan. Once a city of almost 2 million people, Detroit has since lost over half its population over the last 60 years.

  • Ever had a Dicken’s Cider?

    This has the DNA of the Doctor Pepper adverts, with that underlying, uncomfortable humor that had me rolling around on the floor at work for 10 minutes straight. If you’re easily offended, turn away, if not you may also like this Durex Viral video…. roll tape!

  • Automated Swine Flu Symptoms Checker

    I for one have been really worried by the prospect of getting swine flu. Thankfully some scientist boffin types somewhere have come up with a tool that tells you quickly and easily whether you have contracted it or not. Do I have swine flu?

  • ASCII Portraits – recognise any faces?

    We’ve been having fun with a cool little tool that converts JPEG images into ASCII code. When we crop and size this image to 60×50 this tool churns out a remarkably similar representation of the image. The further away you stand, the clearer it becomes. Here are some we made earlier of some friends. Me,… Read more »

  • Zombie car advert

    I once saw this ad a few years back. My boss took me into the office to ask me what the car was in the advert. I suggest you get close to the screen with the sound on as the car is quite difficult to see…

  • “Hi, I’m Vista.”