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The Floating Frog is the home of me Gary Hartley, an experienced freelance web designer based in Harrogate, UK. Traditionally trained in the fine art of graphic design and a long and successful career in two leading web agencies, I am now a freelance web designer working with clients from every corner of the globe.


I design websites and I’ve been doing this since 2002. Since going full time freelance in 2011, I’ve helped web agencies, marketing departments, affiliate marketers, lead generation companies and business owners achieve their online goals. With previous agency roles including senior web designer and creative director, I have the necessary experience, passion and skills to take on most projects.


After 10 years working at a high level in two award-winning digital agencies, the time felt right to attain a better work/life balance so I jumped into the world of freelance. Since then, I have worked on some extremely exciting projects with some of the worlds most innovative thinkers.
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I’m usually lucky enough to have a minimum of 4 weeks work scheduled in and paid for so if you like my work and wish to see if we’re a good fit then I welcome your enquiry. Call, email, fire up the bat signal, feel free to get in touch with whichever method you prefer. We can have a chat or grab a coffee at a time that suits you.

Let’s work together!

In my time in the industry I’ve worked in pretty much every major business sector and the diversity has been fantastic. No matter how big or small your project is I’m sure there’s an opportunity there for us to work together. Why not get in touch and have a chat with me?