A very excited geek

Morning all, I’m very very excited, just had to write a quick post.

Today was my first attempt at gathering a serious amount of GPS trace data.

The cat woke me up at 05:20 which was what I had hoped. I got up, fed him, ate some bran flakes (rather than porridge as it’s faster to make – that is how excited I was!), and went out to the shed armed with my GPS tracer and digital camera.

I fitted the tracer to my bike, and off I went.

I explored about 75% of the roads in Withernsea which are accessible by road, taking photographs of appropriate street signs as I went.

Unfortunately the 16mb memory card with the kindly donated camera filled up and by coincidence the memory filled on my tracer too at the same time so I had to come home, but I have broken the back of it which I’m really pleased about. There is a memory card with the tracer but I’m still getting used it and for some reason it wasn’t recognising it.

Anyway, I’ve just uploaded my GPX trace from this morning.

I have also fired up JOSM and imported my trace, the existing mapping data and, much more excitingly my photographs – geotagged so that they overlay my map. The idea being that the timestamp on the photograph matches the timestamp on the GPX trace and it can overlay it. JOSM’s AgPifoJ import did this for me automagically – excellent!

Geotagged photographs in JOSM

Geotagged photographs in JOSM

The screenshot with this post shows JOSM. The white boxes on the trace are where I took photographs, you’ll see one highlighted in red – that’s the selected one and is showing up in the preview window.

So it all worked, I didn’t waste 3 hours of my life, and I can now add more data for Withernsea – yay!

I plan on doing a how-to at some point as there doesn’t seem to be a “beginners guide for the impatient and lazy” – for people like me. In the meantime get in touch if you want help.

And I should say a big thank you to Chris Hill. I contacted him through OSMs “mappers near you” feature (which you get if you signup for OSM)and he’s been very patient and helpful in helping me fix my early mistakes and get me going. He and his wife seem to have mapped a large part of Hull themselves and want to get East Yorkshire done – so hopefully I will be able to help them with that.

Gary Hartley

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